Impact-R™ System for Research Laboratories

The CPA is marketed under the brand name Impact-R™ (Image analysis,
Monitoring, Platelet, Adhesion, Cone & Plate Technology).
The Impact-R™ is intended for research laboratories.

Impact-R™ System for Research Laboratories

The Ultimate Research Tool for Platelet Function Testing

The Impact-R is a novel device for testing platelet function under close to physiological conditions.
The device tests platelet adhesion and aggregation in anti-coagulated whole blood (citrate buffer tubes)
under arterial flow conditions (1800s-1 for 2 min).
Laminar flow over the polystyrene surface of the well is achieved following to the Cone and Plate principal.
Upon application of a blood sample (130 µL) into the polystyrene well, plasma proteins immediately adhere
to the well surface and become attractive for platelets, resulting in platelet adhesion and aggregation on
the well surface under flow conditions.
Following washing of excess blood and staining of the adhered platelets, a quantitation of the results is
performed by an image analyzer.
The results are expressed as the percentage of the well surface covered by platelet aggregates
(percentage SC) representing platelet adhesion and the average size of the aggregates (AS in µm2)
representing platelet aggregation.

The Impact-R is aimed to study platelet function, screening of primary haemostasis abnormalities and
monitoring their therapies.
It can be used for testing both hypo- and hyper-function of platelets.
Furthermore, it provides a quick method for monitoring the response to various anti platelet drugs.