Pipeline: IBA Immuno-Beads-Analyzer


Life science and medical investigators are looking for a simple Imaging Analyzer and System for a wide
spectrum of research applications.
The value of image information depends upon how easily it can be located, searched for relevance and
The IBA Analyzer will provide cost-effective alternatives to high-cost turnkey image systems.
The IBA Analyzer and System will function in the same way from lab to lab in that it will be supplied
with standard software that does not require user modification.

The Technology:

Immunobeads assay will allow detection and quantitation of protein and cellular components,
including antibodies, cell membrane components, drugs, viruses, etc.
The assay is based on plastic beads coated with the appropriate antibody on the target analyte
which will interact with their ligand counterparts (cellular or protein) within a mater of seconds to minutes.
The main advantage of this newly developed method is the ability to easily identify and quantitate the
formation of beads agglutination due to the sensitivity of testing this phenomenon under the microscope.
This feature of the system allows the detection of even very small quantities of the tested subject
in a rather short testing time.

The Product:

IBA comprises the Analyzer instrument and the disposable test devices.
Development of the IBA technology will require the following next steps:

A. Developing of specific kits and reagents for each one of the proposed application applicable on IBA
    Immuno-Beads-Analyzer device
B. Modification of the Impact platform hardware to handle IBA Immuno-Beads kits
C. Developing of specific software algorithms for IBA Immuno-Beads-Analyzer devices to analyze the
    degree of immunobeads agglutination.